June 22, 2018

About Michael Humphreys

The Early Years

In 1993, just seven months after graduating from college, Michael started his first offline business. That business, which was a massage therapy practice, was started on a $100 budget and a free month’s office rent at the local community center.

In 1997, he decided to get serious and develop his massage therapy practice into a full-time massage business. It took him less than three months to do exactly that.

One year later, Michael was incorporating and opening a massage therapy center in a retail storefront. The massage therapy center opened in January 1999 and was open for six and half years. In 2003, he opted to move the massage therapy center to a bigger and better location in a more affluent town nearby.

Welcome to the Web

In 2004, Michael started his first online business, a massage marketing website called Help Your Practice. Help Your Practice publishes a free monthly marketing newsletter for massage therapists called “From The Massage Table” that Michael writes every month.

By 2005, Michael started feeling mentally burnt out from 90-hour work weeks, running a massage therapy center, and doing massage marketing consulting with Help Your Practice.

He opted to close the massage therapy center and return to private practice. In addition, Michael has been able to spend more time handling the rapidly increasing requests for his consulting services. Upon closing the center, he received two unsolicited offers to become vice president of operations in two different industries, both of which he declined.

Brave New World

Using the skills that he had developed as a top-notch marketer; in August 2006 Michael started his copywriting business, Superb Copywriting. Within 2 months, he had enough clients to warrant writing copy on a full-time basis. Shortly thereafter, Michael “retired” as a massage therapist and became a full-time copywriter and online marketer.


Michael has a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences from Lock Haven University and an associate degree in Physical Therapy Assistant from Harcum College.

He has never taken a college-level business class or course.