June 22, 2018

Are You Price-Shopping For A Copywriter?

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is how much I charge to write copy. (The short answer is I quote by the project because I write both offline and online marketing.)
The follow-up question I often get based on my quotes is why I charge what I do. It’s not just my level of skill and expertise… it’s also my time commitment.

Most of the top-quality copywriters I know, including me, spend a lot of time on each client project.

If I write a sales letter from scratch, it’s usually 40+ hours of research, target market analysis, competitor analysis, writing, rewriting, editing, and polishing the copy before I deem it ready for client’s eyes.

That’s why I charge what I charge for each project I take on. It’s not just a reflection on my expertise or skill level. It’s also to allow me to focus much more of my time and attention on that client’s project.

I can also consult my client on both pre-launch and post-launch marketing to try to optimize their response rates. I can charge the fees that I do because I produce results for my clients on a consistent enough basis that they gladly pay my asking fee.

Look, a copywriter who charges $97… $197… $500… or even a $1000 for a salesletter has to do a much higher volume of projects each month just to meet their bills. Everyone’s bills vary but let’s say they need $3000 per month to cover their household bills.

At $97 per letter… that’s 30 letters per month. Even $500 per letter is 6 letters per month.

That’s less time to research, write, editing, etc. before turning the sales letter over to the client.

No copywriter excels at writing copy at every niche. No one. An inexpensive copywriter doesn’t have the luxury of just writing for the niches and products they excel at. They’re relying on writing at a higher volume of projects each month to cover their overhead.

That’s neither good nor bad… that’s just their business model. For a budget-constricted business owner, hiring a lower priced copywriter could still be okay.

The key will be doing your due diligence. Is your potential copywriter someone who has good or potentially great copywriting skills but is currently undercharging for their services because they’re not a “known” copywriter yet?

If so, then you may have stumbled on a diamond in the rough.

Keep in mind, the sales copy is the 3rd most important part of the total marketing equation.

If the wrong prospects are targeted in your marketing, then it will bomb. Beer lovers will probably not buy your wine product no matter how good it is… because it’s not about beer.

If your offer is weak or priced too high (or too low), it will do badly… regardless of the sales copy.

An experienced copywriter earns their fee by making sure your total marketing equation is positioned correctly to have the best chance to succeed.

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