June 22, 2018

7 Undeniable Facts of Any Sales Letter

Greetings, I recently celebrated the anniversary of starting my copywriting business. Over the years, I’ve come to realize a number of facts that seem to hold up for every niche and every type of sales letter. These facts are undeniable in my … [Read more...]

5 Red Flags Every Copywriter or Consultant Needs To Know

Greetings, One of the things I remember from my childhood is my mom’s frequent sayings. One of them was that things have a way of happening in threes.  It might something like celebrity deaths… births in your extended family… and sometimes even … [Read more...]

Unlocking The Keys To Product Desire In Your Prospects

Greetings, When I emailed my subscribers last week and promised I’d have another article for this week, I didn’t realize how busy of a week it would. Normally I keep a pretty busy schedule with my client projects, info-product business, and family … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Avoid Overbooking Your Copywriting Schedule

Greetings, Yes, I've overbooked myself before. I've done it more than once. You'd think I'd learned after the first time I did but I didn't. It took my second round to accidently overbooking myself to learn my lesson. It started out innocently … [Read more...]

Long Vs. Short Copy: The Debate Continues

Greetings, It’s been awhile since I wrote something on this blog. I’ve been swamped between personal life and business commitments, so please accept my apologies. I’m going to make a stronger commitment to writing and posting more often on this … [Read more...]

How To Set The Stage For Your Opening Headline

Greetings, Many different copywriting experts claim that the most important part of any sales letter is the opening headline. That's because it is often the first thing that a prospect reads when they see your marketing piece. Studies have shown … [Read more...]

Tired of not getting a good conversion rate? Give your sales letter CPR!

If you're like many online entrepreneurs and small business owners, writing sales copy that converts is not your strong suit. To be honest, it's a skill that I have spent many years studying, learning, practicing, and refining just to get to my … [Read more...]

When One Door Closes…

Earlier this week, copywriter Michel Fortin decided to close his copywriting forum, the largest one of the 'Net. For many, it was a big shock. As a moderator on that forum, I can honestly say I wasn't surprised. Michel wrote an emotional letter which … [Read more...]

Stuck For A Word?

It never fails: I’m on a roll writing an article or sales copy and I hit a snag. My college-educated brain wants to throw the 5 syllable word out in a sentence so I sound really smart. Blame it on 7 years of college and 2 health degrees. My … [Read more...]