June 22, 2018

Nine Secrets To Maximizing Email Open Rates

Greetings, Recently a subscriber, Charles H. (name shortened to protect his privacy) emailed me. Charles asked me I would consider writing an article about improving email open rates. It took me about a nanosecond to agree. As I was writing … [Read more...]

7 Undeniable Facts of Any Sales Letter

Greetings, I recently celebrated the anniversary of starting my copywriting business. Over the years, I’ve come to realize a number of facts that seem to hold up for every niche and every type of sales letter. These facts are undeniable in my … [Read more...]

Unlocking The Keys To Product Desire In Your Prospects

Greetings, When I emailed my subscribers last week and promised I’d have another article for this week, I didn’t realize how busy of a week it would. Normally I keep a pretty busy schedule with my client projects, info-product business, and family … [Read more...]

3 Simple Steps For Positioning Your Business To Succeed

Let’s take a look at one of the most overlooked and misunderstood marketing concepts. It's a concept that is frequently dismissed because it is mentioned so often and has even reached buzzword status level. The textbook phrase may be “Unique … [Read more...]

Tapping Into The Power of Multi-Page Online Salesletters

Greetings! I recently had someone email me and ask about using a single webpage salesletter versus a salesletter spread over multiple webpages (aka multi-page salesletter). I’ve decided to share my answer here and expand on it a bit … [Read more...]

Long Vs. Short Copy: The Debate Continues

Greetings, It’s been awhile since I wrote something on this blog. I’ve been swamped between personal life and business commitments, so please accept my apologies. I’m going to make a stronger commitment to writing and posting more often on this … [Read more...]

When One Door Closes…

Earlier this week, copywriter Michel Fortin decided to close his copywriting forum, the largest one of the 'Net. For many, it was a big shock. As a moderator on that forum, I can honestly say I wasn't surprised. Michel wrote an emotional letter which … [Read more...]