June 22, 2018

Nine Secrets To Maximizing Email Open Rates

Greetings, Recently a subscriber, Charles H. (name shortened to protect his privacy) emailed me. Charles asked me I would consider writing an article about improving email open rates. It took me about a nanosecond to agree. As I was writing … [Read more...]

Tapping Into The Power of Multi-Page Online Salesletters

Greetings! I recently had someone email me and ask about using a single webpage salesletter versus a salesletter spread over multiple webpages (aka multi-page salesletter). I’ve decided to share my answer here and expand on it a bit … [Read more...]

Tired of not getting a good conversion rate? Give your sales letter CPR!

If you're like many online entrepreneurs and small business owners, writing sales copy that converts is not your strong suit. To be honest, it's a skill that I have spent many years studying, learning, practicing, and refining just to get to my … [Read more...]

A simple technique that boosted my conversion rate by 296.73%

One of my secrets to success is that I'm a fairly serious tester of my marketing. During my years as a massage therapy center owner, I started out with doing simple A/B split tests. At first, it was just testing different headlines on the same … [Read more...]