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Dear Fellow Copywriter,

If you're looking for better-paying clients…

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Hi my name is Mike Humphreys and I'm a full-time freelance copywriter. I've been the go-to guy for a lot of well-known marketers since 2006 and lots more who don't want anyone to know that I'm their secret weapon they've employed behind the scenes.

As a professional copywriter, my skills have produced over 9 Million dollars in new sales for my clients in the last 4 years alone.

That's the projects I can talk about… there's plenty of them where I can't share a single detail because of signing a non-disclosure agreement.

And that's also not my own businesses either — I've been writing my own marketing for my offline and online businesses since 1993.

At the risk of sounding like I'm bragging, thanks to my track record and reputation my professional help doesn't come cheap. For most marketers, hiring me will cost them $6,000 or more plus royalties.

So why I am able to do copywriting full-time when many others are constantly struggling to find clients?

Is it because I'm the greatest writer of copy in the world?

Nope. There are plenty of other copywriters I've met who can turn a phrase or headline better than me.

Is it because I'm lightning fast at writing copy?

Not hardly. I've been known to slave over a sales letter for weeks before my clients see a single of word of it.

So what's my secret to success?

Well, I'll give you a hint. It's not just one thing I've done which has made the difference.

It's a lot of “little” things I do almost every day.

Do any of them by themselves and they can bring in more copywriting clients.

But do them all… and it's like someone unleashed the frickin' client floodgates!

Over the last five years, I've been fortunate to help mentor a number of newer or struggling copywriters. I've become their personal coach to help them take their copywriting business from struggling to successful as quickly as possible.

Now I could name-drop my proteges' names but I won't. My role as their coach is to help them become more successful and positioned as a true business growth expert— not promote my own business. My copywriting coaching doesn't come cheap either.

But here's the good news.

I've put together a special report jam-packed with a lot of my “little ideas”. And the best part is, it won't cost you an arm or a leg to get your own copy…

How To Siphon Off Some of My Copywriting
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The special report is called “Kickstart Your Copywriting Business!”

That maybe a catchy title but once you start reading it, I'm betting you won't care.

What makes this guide so special?

It's 29 pages packed with tested and proven copywriting business building secrets. 100% top quality with no fluff or filler.

But don't just take my word on it.

Here's 11 Things You're About To Discover…

The #1 destructive pattern many copywriters constantly make…
How to break out of the cheap copywriter trap for good…
Five warning signs prospective clients unknowingly show…
The secret to tapping into online forums for new clients…
Thinking about doing copy critiques? I'll share my field-tested methods to target the best prospective clients…
A powerful, yet little-used client attraction weapon — use this and people will be lining up to become your client…
Like more passive income? I'll reveal two easy ways to create it without having to create your own info-products…
The number one example every copywriter must have in their portfolio…
My secret copywriting service — perfect for “starter” client projects…
Four big ideas that most copywriters miss…
Plus much more…


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Once you understand how to get more copywriting clients...

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... Then you have a virtual license to print money on demand.

Need to raise some extra cash?

It's easy when you understand how easy it is to get copywriting projects and I'll show you how.


So Why Would I Share Something So Valuable?

Quite simply, when I was a new copywriter, there were veteran copywrites who pointed me in the right direction. They were happy to tell me the ins and outs of the industry or at least enough of them that I stood a fighting chance to make it as a full-time copywriter.

Now I'd like to help other copywriters succeed too but there is one small catch.

My help doesn't come for free.

You see, if I offer this report for free, then thousands of new or struggling copywriters would immediately grab it… but very few of them would actually read it or put it into action. (If you're like me, then you have tons of free reports sitting unread on your hard drive gathering virtual dirt.)

But for a nominal fee — less than a meal at your local fast food restaurant — then you've made a small investment in your future. Some skin in the game which gets you one step closer to having the type of business you really want.

What About A Guarantee?

No problem. If you decide at any time in the next 365 days that this report wasn't worth every penny you spent, simply email me (my email address and website address is listed in the report) and I'll issue you a prompt refund. No hassles, no dog and pony show. Just a straight-forward way to do business like I always do.

And once you get your hands-on this report, I pretty confident you're going to enjoy every word of it. I don't hold back. I give you the 100% no b.s. answers you need to succeed even faster as a freelance copywriter.

These are the same tactics I use nearly every day to find, get, and keep clients for years. They've worked extremely well for me and I believe they can work just as well for you.

Simply read “Kickstart Your Copywriting Business!” report and put the advice it contains into action. This advice has changed my life for the better and it can change yours too.


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Look, this is no time to go at it alone. You don't have to figure out how to get your own copywriting clients. Let me be your guide and help you create the type of success you deserve.

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To Your Success,

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Grab your personal use only copy of
“Kickstart Your Copywriting Business!”
for just $12.00 $7.00